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Last Timelapse of Summer 2022

-Well, here we are again with a video where I have grouped three time periods that I was able to capture in August, two of them in Houston during our summer vacations and the last one the week after our return from North American lands from San Justo de la Vega, I guess I wanted to do one with the milky way, to get even for the ones the weather kept me from shooting in New Mexico.

-I remember that I captured the first of them after having breakfast in front of the hotel where we were staying. The second that same afternoon from the Galveston beach, where you can see the sunset and the Galveston Island Historic-Pleaeure Pier amusement park illuminating the scene with its lights and the last one has little to say, our beautiful galaxy...

-But before moving on to the video, I also want to share a photograph that I captured from the Galveston beach, where the Moon illuminates the scene and undoubtedly gives us a magnificent night image.

-To finish I wanted to talk about the music, Amarok is one of Mike Oldfield's rarest albums, and it has his story behind it, if you haven't listened to it I invite you to do so, it's one of my favorite albums by Mike, although it took me a while Getting the taste of it, knowing the story behind it helps to put into context those changes that take place throughout the hour that it lasts, I have collected the fragments that from my point of view most hit the clips.

I hope you like it.

Until the next entry.


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