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Mi equipo nueva web 4.jpg

This is my personal team, with which I usually photograph from my hometown, San Justo de la Vega.

Telescope: Sky-Watcher ED80 Pro Black-Diamond.
Camera: Canon EOS 1000D / Modified and Refrigerated
Frame: Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro


Guiding telescope EZG60 and Guiding chamber QHY5.
Orion 0.85x focal reducer / corrector.
Astronomik CLS CCD clip in.
Lunatic USB Heating Tapes.
Focus motor and SELETEK 2 controller from Lunático.
12v Distributor Box manufactured by Alvaro Ibáñez.

TEC 160 Recortada.jpg

This is the team of my friends Jim and Linda Powell, it is located in the Deep Sky West Remote Observatory.

Telescope: TEC APO160FL (OTA # 30)
Camera: SBIG STXL-16200
Frame: Paramount ME II
Astrodon LRGB Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2 50mm Filter Set.

Starizona Microtouch Autofocuser.

Feathertouch Motorized Focuser.

SBIG filter wheel STXL-FW8G.

12v Rigrunner distributor

Drew buster controler and Flip-Flat.

Throughout the 11 years that I have practiced this magnificent hobby, I have used other equipment that is not shown here, the Deep Sky West FSQ and Rokinon image platforms and belonging to the iTelescope robotic observatory network, such as the T8, T12 or T16 among others.

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