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I was born in San Justo de la Vega, a village in the province of Leon in Spain, in the year 1984, when I was a child I liked to look in the summer nights and wonder what was that thing that looked like a backbone hanging in the sky. Years later, specifically In 2008 I joined Leon Astronomy Association (ALA), since that day, many of my questions have been answered, what I was seeing in the summer sky was our galaxy's edge view. Then I realized I was hooked on astronomy. Between the year 2008 and 2011, I started to take my first astrophotographs, I was attracted by the fact OF capturing light that had been traveling through space for thousands of years. Throughout  these five years I have been learning and photographing the night sky whenever I've had the chance and I hope to continue doing it for the rest of my life.

Although until the present day I have been limited by bad weather and lack of free time I can not complain, because nowadays anyone can hire the services of remote observatories like Deep Sky West and get the desired images. In DSW I have had the pleasure to meet Jim and Linda Powell, good friends of mine and  astrophotographylovers, who have provided me access to the images obtained with their magnificent TEC160FL and all the high quality equipment necessary for imaging.


But whenever I can and weather allows it, I like to spend one or several nights photographing and observing the sky.





Alberto Pisabarro.


AIP Astrophotography & Timelapse
Cielo Profundo
Observatorio Jupiter
Deep Sky West
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