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Clouds over Deep Sky west

Hello again!!!

-While I finish with the second entry, which recounts our trip through the state of Texas, I want to share with you the Time lapses that I captured in front of the Alpha and Beta observatories in Deep Sky West.

-It is well known by all astronomy fans that the greater the desire to observe or photograph something, the greater the difficulty of doing so, mainly due to inclement weather, this is very common when someone buys any piece for their team, whatever it is, you won't be able to test it for a few months, since the weather is not usually conducive, this is exactly what happened to me in Deep Sky West.

-Jokes aside, I had been trying to travel there for so many years, that when I did, we did not enjoy any clear nights, this is frustrating to say the least, but at least you can capture a few images of Clouds to make up for the lack of nebulae.

-During the three afternoons that we spent performing the maintenance of the Paramount ME II, I decided to capture the movement of those skies that were not clearing, but that did lend themselves to a Time lapse. The first two afternoons I had to go out at full speed to remove the camera from its location since it began to pour like there was no tomorrow, but that is what August has in that region of New Mexico.

-I have respected the capture order of the respective time lapses, so you will see them in the same order that they were captured.

-Regarding the music, for this montage I didn't find a song that I liked more than Laurens Walking by Angelo Badalamenti, it is one of those songs that go very deep, with the perfect combination between emotion and melancholy, I also think that the chords are perfect for framing videos and images.

-This song appears in a wonderful movie by David Linch, which if you have to see if you haven't done it yet, it's Straight Story, in Spanish A True Story, this movie recounts the journey of a man who goes to see his brother, despite the simplicity of the plot, is a film that hides much more, which I am not going to reveal and I invite you to see it yourself.

And so far this concise entry, see you very soon to continue with our trip, while we descend towards the southeast of the state of Texas.

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