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My Astrophotography Sessions - July 2023

Hello again, as usual, I am back after a few crazy months, both because of a move in between, and because I am fixing up what will be our house in the future, and since I have now returned to live in San Justo de la Vega to full time, it has been a very good opportunity to dedicate myself every night to my much loved astrophotography and of course, to timelapses.

Despite the fact that I have captured many more timelapses than can be seen in the video, I have decided to keep the ones I like the most to document these magnificent nights trapping photons from nebulae found in our galaxy.

For this new stage I have made a tandem with my dear friend Iván, at first we wanted to find out why the images obtained with his telescope (William Optics Zenith Star 73) gave the stars stretched in different directions at the edges, after obtaining 18 hours of Helix nebula (DWB 111) and seeing that there was nowhere to get the data, we decided to change and mount, I already experienced, SkyWatcher ED80 Pro Black Diamond on the GEM 28 mount, we changed the focuser and the camera, which by the way also I leave you the Timelapse that I captured that Sunday morning. That same night you can capture a few images of DWB 111, with which we conclude that the problem was with William Optics, since then I have spent practically every night photographing from a Bortle 4-5 sky, and I must say that it is being my most fruitful year since 2008, when I started taking my first astrophotographs.

In the video you can see the two images that I have already finished, but I am still capturing more data every night, I hope to finish this summer season with at least 4 images of about 20 hours of integration each, although some may exceed 30 hours .

I also have to admit that astrophotography today is immensely easier than it was in 2008, when I had to shoot with my analog Canon and then scan the photo once developed, so that I could process it on the PC, everything improves with the time has passed, but taking photos from an Ipad, with just a few clicks, has seemed incredibly simple to me, which has made me a very happy man.

To make it more interesting/fun, I challenge you to count the satellites that are seen throughout the three minutes that the video lasts, that is if you do not forget to watch it at maximum quality to be able to count them well.

I won't get involved anymore, I'll leave you with the Timelapse, I hope you like it, I chose Benne's Drifting song, since the theme of the lyrics is "space", and I think it fits.

Here the final result made timelapse.

Iván and I changing components from one telescope to another.

I can only say that thank you very much everyone and until the next blog entry

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