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Texas-A trip that was made to beg- part 2

Updated: May 9, 2023

-What is promised is debt and as I had said here is the continuation of our trip through the United States of America, and without further delay we go there.

seventh day---goodbye Amarillo, Hello San Antonio

-After spending six days in the warm company of our dear friends Jim, Linda and Emma, it was time to continue our journey to the southeast of the state, we would make what would be the longest route of our trip that took us from the city of Amarillo to San Antonio, for this we left in the direction of Lubbock on I-27, after Lubbock we changed to US-84 E, a highway similar to our national ones, along which we would make part of the route, along with others such as US- 283, US-87 which we would ride until we entered I-10 in the city of Comfort.

-In total we traveled 538 miles, or what amounts to the same 833 kilometers, this was one of the best trips we did on American roads, we decided to leave the highways for part of the route and travel on smaller roads, passing through small towns like, Snyder, Lawn, Goldsboro, Coleman, Rockwood among others, we stopped to eat at one of them. At least for me it was the driving tour that I enjoyed the most, despite also being the most tiring, for everyone.

During this journey I got some of the images I had always wanted to do, such as the seventh in the gallery above. a very long road totally deserted and with those clouds hanging from the sky that are very reminiscent of the intro of the Simpsons, and those houses on the edge of the road with their fence and a large garden.

In one of the stops that we made throughout the 8-hour trip between Amarillo and San Antonio, I was able to capture this panoramic image, the intention was to capture the dimension of what our eyes perceived live and direct, for this I recommend seeing the larger image by clicking on it.

Driving along one of the few two-way highways that we traveled, in this region after passing Abilene we found immense extensions of land full of windmills and machinery for the extraction of oil.

Well into the afternoon we arrived in San Antonio, in the middle of heavy rain, as you can see in the video recorded by Beatriz. After a few km we arrived at the hotel, we did the Check-in and we went out to walk through its streets for a while.

It was the first time we went out to see a city at night and I have to say that it is certainly a gift for the eyes to see those tall buildings illuminated, although not everything was skyscrapers, we also saw beautiful illuminated cars, some restored houses, churches...

But without a doubt, what caught our attention the most was a very tall and well-lit tower, a great distance separated it from us, but we gradually approached it, enjoying the city, quite calm indeed, until we placed ourselves at its doors and we saw that it was "The Tower of the Americas"

A video recorded by Beatriz during the ascent to the tower of the Americas.

Images of everything we did and could see in The Tower of the Americas.

-How could it be otherwise, we went up to this tower that was built in 1968 and has a height of 230 meters, and without a doubt it was 48 dollars well amortized, I went crazy to take pictures, a folder attests it, after we stayed Satisfied with the viewpoint, we toured the tower seeing the murals where the story of San Antonio is told, and what a coincidence that the Kingdom of Castilla y León appears in one of them.

The regular ticket also included the viewing of a documentary about Texas in the 4D cinema that the Tower has, without a doubt an enjoyment, especially for Hermes, who loved the documentary.

Once we finished we took some pictures at the gates of the tower, they had illuminated trees decorated and both Bea and Hermes wanted to take some pictures, after that it was time to return to the hotel, although on the way back we stopped at a park that it had a giant panther decorated entirely with polished stones.

eighth day---Tomorrow in San Antonio and drive to Houston

After a good breakfast, we were ready to hit the streets of San Antonio, this time in daylight.

-August 09 was one of the best used days of the 14 we spent in Texas, this day we planned to visit the historic center of San Antonio, travel to Houston and finish the afternoon in Galveston.

After walking a few minutes we are almost in the center of San Antonio, where we can already see some of the tallest buildings in the city, and also the beautiful San Antonio town hall (the second image in the gallery), walking a little further towards the center we find the beautiful cathedral of San Fernando, causing a great contrast between the modern buildings that surrounded it and itself, in one of the adjacent buildings you can see the mythical fire escapes that we have seen so much in the cinema .

A few meters from the San Fernando Cathedral, we find the old Justice of the Peace of the city, as a curious fact we will see that almost all the old courts that we saw shared architectural details. It was guarded by a monument in honor of the first 56 civil settlers of San Antonio from the Canary Islands by order of Felipe V, this group of pioneers from the Canary Islands formed the first organized civil government in Texas and founded the town of San Fernando de Bexar in 1731. Right next to this monument we find a beautiful fountain in honor of Justice.

San Antonio is one of the largest cities in the state of Texas, its main monument is the Alamo, where a crucial military conflict in the Texas revolution took place, it consisted of a 13-day siege, from its beginning on February 23 until the final assault of March 6, 1836, those events have inspired many books and movies, the last movie of the year 2004 entitled "The Alamo- The Legend", but being there to see it was magnificent, but San Antonio has much more to see, then we will go touring the most emblematic places of the city.

Here I leave the video of some funny squirrels that we found playing next to the Alamo.

For the end I leave a few loose images, first of all the emblematic Aztec theater, some images of the river walk....

-At around 12:30 we left San Antonio to go to Houston, but I have to say something negative about San Antonio, it was the city where we saw the most homeless people by far, and as Hermes said a couple of times, some of his streets, despite being main and busy, smelled strongly of urine, although I think this may be due to the canal that crosses the city.

This was another one that the three of us enjoyed a lot, on these lines you will find a selection of images of the journey including my food that day, we decided to eat in a rest area to be able to get to Houston at a good time and try to get to Galveston.

After about 3 or 4 hours of traveling by road we found the city of Houston, and despite the fact that my friend Jim had warned me that it was a very busy city of vehicles, I did not expect what I found, here is a video that testifies, this was the only place where the GPS failed us, although it was surely due to the large amount of construction that was taking place on the roads of Houston.

-After checking in at the hotel we had booked in Nassau Bay, right in front of the Space Center, we decided to pack up and go to Galveston to enjoy, even if it was just a bit of the beach, we chose the East Beach, since Galveston has a lot of coastline, but we wanted to swim next to the Pleasure Pier amusement park.

Panoramic that I captured that afternoon of the small beach area where we were, without a doubt it is a gift for the eyes to see the Pleasure Pier amusement park on the sea.

From our hotel to Galveston we were separated by about 50 minutes by car, it may have been a little longer due to road works, when we arrived it was already almost 07:00 p.m, but we had time to enjoy a good time.

Day 9--- visit to NASA Space Center

-This day was very special for the three of us, since the visit to the space center in Houston had been one of our first planned visits since we began to prepare the trip back in the year 2020. Since the `doors of the space center opened to At 10:00 a.m. we didn't have to get up very early that morning, plus we just had to cross the road to get to the space center.

-I would love to explain everything we saw there in more detail, but that would require an entry dedicated only to this day.

Without a doubt, the place is really worth it, we entered as soon as the doors opened and they had to invite us to leave at 05:00 p.m., we did not realize it but the day disappeared very quickly, although we were able to visit the entire center Let's go with the images of our visit.

Before entering the center there were already planes, a Falcon 9 from Space X and the impressive 747 with a replica of the Transvordaor, for all astronomy fans this is a real gift for the eyes.

As soon as you enter you find a 1:1 size replica of a lunar landing module, space suits and a model of the ISS (international space station) although it was to scale it was equally impressive.