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10 4K UHD Movies to fully enjoy your home theater.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Before starting I want to clarify that this is not a list that rigorously analyzes the audiovisual quality of these films and scores it, for me all these films are perfect to squeeze the capabilities of 4K HDR televisions, sound bars, Home Cinema 5.1, 7.1, 7.1.2, 9.1 ...

Another important fact, although these films are available on streaming services, for my recommendation I have taken as a reference the editions in Physical format, the same streaming film may present defects in the image and a loss in terms of sound quality, which it is totally normal given the compression used by these types of services.

10- Terminator Salvation

This film edited by Sony has one of the best audio tracks to test the dynamics of our set of speakers, specifically during the pursuit of the Terminator motorcycles, we will be able to appreciate the clarity and spatiality of the effects that are reproduced by the surround speakers, visually it is also a delight, despite the pallor of the color palette used throughout the film.

09- Matrix Edition 4K UHD Remastered

What can I say about this film, it is one of the undisputed classics of the 90s, its innovative technique of filming the action scenes still remains today the best we can see.

Last 2019 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary the saga has been remastered, now we can enjoy it in 4K with HDR10 or Dolby Vision, all orchestrated by a Dolby Atmos track for the original version, for the Spanish version we are left with a compressed track that I would say that it is the same one that was included in the first DVD edition of this film.

08- Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a film of the year 2018 directed by Denis Villeneve, this film has a track that will make our drawer of records work to the maximum both in the original version with Dolby Atmos and the version dubbed into Spanish, since as usual Sony includes an uncompressed track for Spanish, in this case DTS-HD. Personally, I did not fall in love with the image quality but it stands out for having a very nice color palette, and making use of HDR very good in certain scenes.

07-Man of Steel

With this film in 2013 the DC cinematic universe began, without a doubt a film that in terms of visual aspect is a marvel to enjoy in HDR, from the beginning in Kripton you can see the richness of the color palette used and a Very successful implementation of HDR, to me personally this is my favorite version of Superman, a realistic approach to what it would be like to have Superman among us.

The audio track in V.O includes dolby Atmos and will make us feel the center of the action, unfortunately as usual, Warner includes a compressed audio track for the version dubbed into Spanish.

06- Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition

Although the version released in theaters received criticism for the resulting narrative, this Ultimate version is the one that we should have seen in theaters with 30 more minutes of footage that undoubtedly improves the viewer's understanding. This movie has what for me is one of the best scenes to test our HDR television. We more or less like the design of the characters, the final battle of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman against "Doomsday" is simply spectacular, in that scene the ability of our TV to reproduce HDR content is put to the test.

As for the sound, La VO includes a wonderful track in Dolby Atmos that in the initial scene in Metropolis will leave us stunned by the amount of sound details that this audio track contains, unfortunately again for the dubbed version we only have one track of compressed Dolby digital audio.

5- Ready Player One

In the middle of the list we have what for me is one of my favorite Steven Spilberg films.

This film of the year 2018 is one of those movies that you start to see and you can't stop. But it is also a visual spectacle to enjoy in HDR, the quality of the visual effects is, The audio track in VO is also encoded in Dolby Atmos and it can be said that it is a reference audio track to test equipment of sound, again Warner includes a track in Dolby digital 5.1 for the Castilian dubbing that despite losing much of the dynamics and punch of the track in VO provides us with a decent result, with lots of details.

4- Passengers

We are approaching the final stretch and I could not forget one of the films set in space that has surprised me the most.

In this 2016 film, the image and sound quality is simply spectacular from the first minute.

From the opening scene as the spacecraft passes through the asteroid field, our TV's ability to reproduce HDR is put to the test, the contrast and detail of the image is one of the strengths of this film.

As for the audio tracks, here we have Dolby Atmos for the original version, it is loaded with details and dynamics throughout the film, but for the dubbed version Sony includes a track encoded in DTS-HD that has little to envy the track in English.

3- Deadpool

At this point I can say little about the remaining films since they are all among my favorites in terms of image and sound quality.

Deadpool stands out for its image quality, the entire sequence of the highway shows a magnificent level of detail accompanied by an HDR effect that for me is one of the best I have seen, as usual in this type of film the sound track accompanies in Every moment with a spectacular Dolby Atmos for VO and a DTS 5.1 sound, it matches the dubbed version with a more than decent quality, although as usual the cutting of dynamics and forcefulness is inevitable.

2- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is one of those films that I can see over and over again, the HDR in this film is correct, there are scenes with a very successful visual dynamics, although with the color palette somewhat pale in some moments.

What stands out clearly this film is in the quality of the sound in VO This is for me the film that best uses the DTS-X, from the beginning to the end, without a doubt one of those films to put to friends and show the benefits of our sound equipment.

1- Blade Runner Remastered Edition

And we end with one of the undisputed classics of science fiction, and to think that this movie was a failure at the time, who would say. This film is at number one because currently for me it is the film with the best balance between image and sound quality, and if I know I said that for me they were all the same, but this film is the one that has impacted me the most because of the improvement. that Warner has done with the remastering of the image and sound for this 4K edition.

The image is an enjoyment, make the most of our HDR television, the contrast of the city lights with the gloomy atmosphere of it, is spectacular, the quality with which the special effects are still being seen is overwhelming.

But what I want to make special emphasis on is the quality of the Dolby Atmos track of the VO, the quality of the Dolby TrueHD track of the previous edition was already very good and difficult to beat, but they have surpassed it and by far, to My, currently this is the best track in Dolby Atmos that we can listen to, but unfortunately for the Spanish version we still keep the Dolby digital 5.1 track from the DVD.

And this list has reached this point, I would love to know which are the ideal ones for you to test our equipment, and if you think that I have missed something important to you, let us know with a comment.

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